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A tool for making math calculations in a variety of subjects. Let it do some of the math for you!


Features to make math easier

Math made easy

Spend time finding the right equation for the job, not solving for variables

Advanced categories

Solve for trigonometry, and all the way up to engineering

Tablet happy

Designed to be easy to use on tablet

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Discover the equations you need

Comes with a variety of categories. Don't see what you need? Send a message to make a suggestion.


Solve more math

Find the equation you need

Categories of equations include:

  • Electrical
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Trigonometry
  • Stress analysis
  • Statistics

Don't see what you need? Contact using the email address below to request something new.

Solve for multiple variables

Most equations include multiple solved variables.

Not so good at algebra? Many equations include solved versions that provide a way to isolate that specific variable.

Add the remaining values to the equation and watch the last number appear. Look for inputs with the green checkmark.

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Enter your numbers

Use the convenient input method to solve for different variables

Download for iOS

Available for iOS on phone and tablet. Use the support line to request a version for Android.

*Works on iOS 11.0.0+